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Francesco Mazzo - CEO
Francesco Mazzo - CEO

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Francesco Mazzo
Franceso Mazzo CEO
Francesco Mazzo
Francesco Mazzo - CEO

Communicating is not a job, it's a calling

I began my career very young and stayed immersed in the world of Advertising, Communication and Marketing. I took on varying roles as manager of major multinational advertising agencies, through which I attained much international experience.

My primary goal is to build effective and strategic business relationships for the professional and entrepreneurial growth of the whole team. I consider training to be essential, so I often travel around the world to expand and deepen my knowledge and skills.

In addition to being CEO of Bamakò S.r.l., I also partner with Italian ICT agencies and sit on the UNICOM board of directors. I am married and have a 17-month-old daughter called Dafne. I love the sea and try to spend my free time relaxing there with a fishing rod in hand.

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