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Paola Longo - Campaign manager
Paola Longo
Campaign Manager
Paola Longo - Campaign Manager


I was born in the grey of Milan, which has given me much more than I imagined.
Now, I live in Salento where the sea captures me and the magical island of Bamakò gives me a job that I can do from wherever I am. I always perform an A/B test when deciding who to go out with at night.
I use web analytics tools with ease (Google Analytics, NetInsight, Omniture, WebTrends) to analyze even the smallest details.
I create and optimize PPC campaigns on all platforms.
I love to share my strategic thinking with my fellow workers and encourage the adoption of new technologies and tools: is that why nobody wants to speak to me?!?

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Online Advertising
Digital Strategy
SEA – Search engine advertising
SMO – Social Media Optimization